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Money By The Mouthful

Money By The Mouthful
Author: Robert O. Nara
ISBN: 0933420005
Size: 28.50 MB
Format: PDF
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Money - By the Mouthful!
Language: en
Pages: 159
Authors: Robert O. Nara, Steven Alexander Mariner
Categories: Preventive dentistry
Type: BOOK - Published: 1979 - Publisher:
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How to Become Dentally Self Sufficient
Language: en
Pages: 188
Authors: Robert O. Nara, Steven A. Mariner
Categories: Dentistry
Type: BOOK - Published: 1979-01-01 - Publisher:
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More Than a Mouthful: Adventures of a Dentist
Language: en
Pages: 232
Authors: Dr Sandesh Mayekar
Categories: Dentistry
Type: BOOK - Published: 2014-09-01 - Publisher: Collins in
We use our teeth every day-to munch on an apple or carrot, to hold a pen-knife or a hairpin; we put them on display when we smile or laugh. But we rarely think about the strain we subject them to, rushing to the dentist only when our teeth cry out in pain. Or, sometimes, when they spoil the symmetry of our face. Teeth may go missing while shooting for a Bollywood fighting scene. They may shrink to half their size because of too much cola intake. A person may commit suicide because of the buzzing in his ears caused by a strained muscle in the jaw. Dr Sandesh Mayekar has seen all this and worse. He has performed root canal on a two-year-old, done risky surgeries and implants on senior citizens, lightened a lady's dark gums for a beauty contest and sealed that wide gap between a cricketer's front teeth for a photo shoot. More Than a Mouthful tells the stories behind those healthy teeth that you see on TV or on the big screen. Mayekar has stayed up nights, sometimes travelled miles, to address an emergency. He has assuaged patients' fears with as much clinical care as personal concern.
A Mouthful of Air
Language: en
Pages: 416
Authors: Anthony Burgess
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines
Type: BOOK - Published: 1992 - Publisher: William Morrow & Company
A survey of language describes how it reached its present state, how it operates, and how it will develop in the future, discussing such topics as Shakespeare's pronunciation, low-life language, and English's place in the world. 30,000 first printing. $25,000 ad/promo.
Associations' Publications in Print
Language: en
Authors: Anthony Burgess
Categories: Associations, institutions, etc
Type: BOOK - Published: 1982 - Publisher:
1981- in 2 v.: v.1, Subject index; v.2, Title index, Publisher/title index, Association name index, Acronym index, Key to publishers' and distributors' abbreviations.
Language: en
Authors: C.R. Grissom
Categories: Fiction
Type: BOOK - Published: 2020-03-09 - Publisher: Tule Publishing
Life after high school still blows Between a judgmental beauty advice columnist mom who sends clothes several sizes too small, and social media sex-shaming her senior year of high school, Faith Lacerna needs a self-confidence boost. Being a freshman at Fortis University in Silicon Valley will be fine, as long as she doesn’t attract attention. Except wearing oversized hoodies in sunny California isn’t the best choice for blending in. When football jock Caleb St. John shows interest, she recommits to studying anything but the hot tight end. Caleb wants to lose himself in football, avoid his unfaithful ex-girlfriend, and – unlike his cheating dad – live his life with integrity. He knows there’s more to Faith than baggy clothes. Her humor and audacity spark more than Caleb’s competitive nature. Faith doesn’t want to be interested, but Caleb’s kindness and sense of adventure has her hooked. She soon realizes she needs to confront her hurts and fears if she wants to embrace a relationship with Caleb and not let the past intercept her future.
A Mouthful of Glass
Language: en
Pages: 168
Authors: Henk van Woerden
Categories: Apartheid
Type: BOOK - Published: 2001 - Publisher: Granta Books
One day in 1966, in the chamber of the South African Parliament, Demitrios Tsafendas walked up to Hendrik Verwoerd, the Prime Minister, and stabbed him to death with a kitchen knife This is the extraordinary story of Tsafendas and his long exile from a society madder than he was.
The History of a Mouthful of Bread
Language: en
Pages: 398
Authors: Jean Macé
Categories: Anatomy
Type: BOOK - Published: 1866 - Publisher:
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A Mouthful of Truth
Language: en
Pages: 48
Authors: Albert Eiler, Julie Long
Categories: Health & Fitness
Type: BOOK - Published: 2010-07 - Publisher: Not Long Books
It's only 48 pages long, but this slim book says a mouthful about food, eating habits and the accountability we must all accept. Part how-to and part choose-to, the book is an eater's manifesto built around 15 simple and sometimes surprising truths. From "The Potato Isn't the Problem" to "Fast Food is No Excuse for Fat Food," A Mouthful of Truth spells out how to eat oneself to lean, healthy body. For anyone who is confused about nutrition - or who knows what to eat but rationalizes poor choices - the book is a heaping helping of reality, with each short chapter giving the reader plenty to chew on. While for some the straightforward truth about food may be hard to swallow, with our nation's health and healthcare both in crisis, it's a truth we can't afford to ignore.
You Said A Mouthful: Great Recipes and the Stories They Evoke
Language: en
Pages: 299
Authors: Brian Cummings
Categories: Health & Fitness
Type: BOOK - Published: 2006-03 - Publisher:
A book about great recipes and the stories they evoke in the tradition of Alice B. Toklas, "You Said A Mouthful" is a collection of more than 50 recipes and personal stories developed over 30 years of weekend experimentation. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and offer tips and insights that lift the finished dish out of the ordinary, making it not just good but exceptional.